Lingerie: A Symbol of Women Empowerment

Published: 14th February 2011
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The 20th century is the beginning of women empowerment. At this time, women have penetrated the corporate and artistic world. They have ventured in various fields of specialization; they have succeeded in pursuing their own careers. Above all, they have said goodbye to tightly-fitting corsets. Instead, they have donned sexy and stylish lingerie pieces. In a nutshell, the elimination of corsets signifies women’s liberation from the patriarchy.

Presently, women still wear corsets, albeit they wear them for fashion purposes. French designers have developed the concept of "inner garment as outer garment". This is popularly known as "dessous dessus". They have replaced boned corsets with trendy tubes and tank tops. Tubes and tanks are one of the most fashionable lingerie pieces during soirees and formal celebrations. They protect the upper abdomen; at the same time, they depict a unique fashion statement. Now, corsets gently and fashionably trim the waistline.

Aside from corsets, designs and styles of brassieres and panties have changed. From simple pieces of clothes, lingerie pieces have become a stylish mix of colors and hems. Designers have mixed different fabric materials for lingerie pairs. For instance, a cotton bikini is adorned with lace lining. Bra cups are studded with gems and crystals. Lingerie boutiques are competing for distinct and outstanding lingerie designs.

Lingerie pieces are made up of various kinds of fabric. The most commonly used fabrics are cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, lycra, and microfiber. Cotton fabrics the most ideal choice of fabric for lingerie. They have breathable fiber, allowing air to circulate on the under garment. In lingerie boutiques, such as primadonna lingerie, cotton underwear pieces are among the best-selling lingerie items.

Silk materials are sensuous and flexible fabrics. They have a smooth and shiny surface, making them a stylish material for lingerie pieces. Lingerie shops like primadonna lingerie have created various designs of brassieres and panties out of silk fabric. A piece of silk lingerie is expensive, albeit they are high-quality and trendy buys.

Furthermore, nylon, polyester, lycra, and microfiber fabrics are lightweight and durable materials. They are comfortable to wear. Nylon lingerie, such as primadonna lingerie, has similarities with silk pieces. They are smooth and lustrous, and they perfectly fit on the body. Lingerie fashion symbolizes women empowerment. It attracts attention and interest from the opposite sex.

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