Dessous-Dessus: French Lingerie Fashion

Published: 20th January 2011
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Undergarments are pieces of clothing that cover delicate human body parts. Those who have discovered undergarments must really have a brilliant mind. Undergarments protect reproductive organs against foreign particles and bacteria from outer garments. Now, undergarments are one of the must-haves for both men and women.

Women cover up their breast and reproductive organ with brassieres and panties. There are different styles of brassieres for different functions. For instance, shops offer sports bra for physically active women. Undergarments with sophisticated designs are collectively called lingerie.

Lingerie originated from old-time and restrictive fashion of corsets and crinoline. During the early 19th century, women wore corsets to reveal body contour. Over time, corsets developed into girdles and bras. Manufacturers created lighter undergarments made up of cotton and silk. In the 20th century, brassiere was patented in America. Since then, women used brassieres and panties as their undergarments.

In France, the lingerie fashion industry is characterized by innovative designs and styles. They refer to lingerie as "dessous-dessus". This literally translates to "innerwear as outerwear". Lingerie, aside from being an undergarment, can be used as primary clothing. Designers use various kinds of materials and employ different styles to come up with sophisticated "dessous-dessus".

french lingerie is made up of different fabrics. As a general rule, manufacturers use cotton fabric in most of their undergarment products. Cotton is a soft and breathable textile. Its soft fiber is appropriate for protection of delicate body parts, most especially the female reproductive organ. Cotton panties are hygienic to use because of its absorbability. It is the most durable material for undergarments.

Other french lingerie products are made up of silk and lace. Silk is a shimmering fabric. Its luster makes it a key material for high-end and expensive lingerie. Silk brassieres and panties have different colors. Commonly, silk lingerie is adorned with lace. Lace is an openwork fabric with patterned weaving. Lace designs are woven on lingerie lining for a more stylish appeal. Moreover, some panties are made up of lace fabric.

Dessous-Dessus is the modern french lingerie fashion. Because of this, designers use different materials to innovate undergarments as outer garments. Nevertheless, lingerie still serves as protection and support for the delicate body parts of both men and women.

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